NO ONE TRUE ANYTHING's "GIVING FRIDAY" commences tomorrow and concludes at 11:59pm on Monday 29th November.

The "GIVING FRIDAY" initiative, is to highlight where NO ONE TRUE ANYTHING stands on concepts like Black Friday.

In my opinion, Black Friday not only creates over consumption and encourages purchases that probably are not needed, but further highlights cheap, mass-produced, poorly made garments, while having a huge impact on the environment.

If companies are able to offer "up to 80% off", how bad must their materials be. More importantly, how bad must their supply chains and human ethics be?

With all this in mind, I have decided to donate 30% of all sales made throughout the "Cyber Weekend" to the amazing Friends of the Earth charity.

The 30% donation of all sales made, will of course hurt my bottom line, while probably effecting the amount of sales made, because the consumer is not receiving a "traditional" Black Friday discount directly on their purchase.

As a brand that launched its first collection of t-shirts in August, I may not generate the numbers I would like, to enable me to feel satisfied with the amount I have managed to raise for the charity.

However, regardless of the numbers, regardless of sales, regardless of my bottom line, I can say I stuck to my guns, stayed true to what I believe in and further share the ethos of what NO ONE TRUE ANYTHING stands for.

As always, any questions you have for me, please do get in touch via the comments or a message. I would love to talk more!