As a big football watcher, fan and wannabe pundit, I have always wondered how football can improve it's sustainability model. You hear clubs mention it now and again do the odd carbon neutral game here and there, but it doesn't ever seem to sustain itself.

What I did not ever expect to see, was a Premier Leauge club opt against manufacturing a new kit every season. Of course, shirt sales and shirt sponsorships are big revenue earners for clubs. When I saw Brentford Football Club have opted against manufacturing a new kit for 22/23 season, I wasn't just surprised, I had great admiration for the club.

Brentford is a Danish owned club and as some one with a Danish background and heritage, I have seen first hand just how developed and forward thinking Denmark is, when it comes to sustainability.

I remember visiting Copenhagen many years ago and seeing these massive Wind Turbines and being completely in awe at how big these things were, while being so intrigued to understand how they were generating electricity (unfortunately Physics wasn't my strong point).

I do actually support a team that play in Red & White and I would love to see them follow suit; any guess? Clue, it isn't Brentford, although they will now be a club I follow closely.

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