I am currently traveling to New York City, for a potential NO ONE TRUE ANYTHING project. I am on the plane while posting this… crazy!

While I am going to be offsetting my carbon footprint from my travel (I will share how I do this), there are a lot of things that have stood out to me more than the effect of air travel on the environment.

I am going to note them in the order I have seen them appear:

1. There is a lot of land at an airport, surely they have the space to produce their own electricity.
2. Still printing boarding passes and luggage tags.
3. Clear plastic bags to put toiletries in.
4. Handing out disposable 1 time use face masks and hand wipes.

On the plane…

5. One time use blankets… wrapped in plastic.
6. One time use earphones.
7. Plastic cutlery, wrapped in plastic.
8. A muffin, wrapped in plastic.
9. Plastic bottles of water.
10. Plastic cups.

I am sure there are a lot more than I have listed, but those are the 10 that jumped out at me.

People say flying is bad for the environment, but from what I read, aviation accounts for around 2.5% of global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

Surely the waste that is created at the airport and during the flight is much higher than the emissions the plane produces? British Airways (I am using them because that is who I traveled with) and other commercial airlines really should do more to combat this.