Books 📚. I have never been one to read, I find it hard to concentrate on them and it takes me forever to read them.

I’ve gotten to a point though, that looking at a screen the whole time is getting boring and not very fulfilling.

With everything seemingly moving more and more towards an online virtual world, for me having something physical is much more important.

I don’t want to be stuck behind a screen in the “metaverse” or buy NFTs because that’s what Mark Zuckerberg is telling us to do.

I want something physical, something that tells a story and something that has a meaning. These books will forever have a meaning I bought them in NYC from Fotografiska New York, so I will always relate the books to my trip.

The book The Incomplete Highsnobiety Guide to Street Fashion and Culture, was a demo copy and was the last one, it has a few scuffs and bumps, but this makes buying a physical item even more valuable.

Looking forward to reading David Fischer!