On Friday evening I had the privilege of being invited to the The British Library for the British Fashion Council Fashion Research Competition, with Phoebe English.

The competition is focused around sustainable fashion, ranging from R&D of the project, all the way through to the production of garments, while focusing on exploring the richness and potential of the Library’s collections.


It was great to see how many people are starting to use new and innovative ways to help combat the environmental crisis that fashion production, consumption and waste is causing.

It was a real honor to share the room with such talented individuals, all of whom have with their own unique creative output.

One thing we all align on though, is that we all have the same agenda and goal, which is moving towards and creating a better world and environment, through changing and adapting Fashion production and consumption for the better.

Thank you for having me, Jake / NOTA VISIONARY.

NO ONE TRUE ANYTHING at the British Libary for the British Fashion Council