I have tired so many different creative and sporting ventures over the years, whether that be producing music, playing an instrument, DJing, playing/coaching football, playing golf, playing tennis and so many more things that I haven't even mentioned. (ADHD alert).

I felt that I was never fully confident in the list mentioned above, I didn't put out any of my work to the wider world or feel it was good enough to share outside of my social circles or to push forward to the next level.

Then I started NO ONE TRUE ANYTHING, a brand that is a true reflection of myself, my story and how I believe fashion should evolve. I feel confident in what I am doing, the story I am telling, the designs I am creating and the work I am sharing.

I am currently in the concept stage of working on so many new designs, which will be introduced into the DEB—UT collection throughout 2022, providing the business has the funds to bring them to market.

I will be using new technology and practices that will make my pieces not only Eco-Friendly, but practically innovating a whole new way of producing and manufacturing clothing.

This is a make or break year for NOTA and I am going to give it my everything to make it succeed and live on into 2023 and beyond.