The bp profit results published over the past few days absolutely obscene and a complete kick in the teeth to the public, leading me to create my own perspective. 
You might not agree, you might think I have looked to much this, but hear me out. 
If their profits have hit '$8.45bn (£6.9bn)' according to BBC News, then surely wholesale oil prices cannot be rising at the same rate as retail prices. 
Now, are oil companies raising their retail prices so much to ensure that they have enough capital to invest in new green energy or are they raising prices to ensure they stay afloat when the demand fossil fuels eventually becomes negligible - I hope it is the former. 
But yet these companies get massive government tax breaks on new fossil fuel investments... I thought the government pushing for green energy?! 
On top of this, "Shell and BP, which together produce more than 1.7bn tonnes of greenhouse gases a year, have not paid any corporation tax on oil and gas production in the North Sea for the last three years, company filings reveal." source The Guardian. Yet another kick in the teeth to both the public and environment! 
I feel it is desperately unfair to allow a company to profit so much at the expense of public and the environment, while using cost of living crisis coupled with the Ukraine war, to drive up prices and profit so highly at the expense of the public. 

NO ONE TRUE ANYTHING, as well as made to not make sense, it is also made to encourage people to create their own perspectives on what they see, hear and read. This is one of my perspectives.