🙌About time!🙌

2 of these companies are registered on the FTSE and are deceiving consumers and investors about their claims of sustainable and ethical clothing.

The fashion industry needs to become regulated and hopefully this is the start.

I was browsing the website of one of the companies mentioned, to learn a little bit more about their sustainability plans and browse their "sustainable" range.

🚩The company is selling a pair of extreme RIPPED jeans (ripped and distressed denim is very harmful to our environment, due to chemicals and uses liters and liters of water) for £6, £6!!!!!! While having over 3,000 items listed on their "sustainability category." Surely this is an instant red flag 🚩.

I was also really interested to see where they are making their garments, despite product browsing on numerous listings, I couldn't locate one item that displayed where the garments are being made.

NO ONE TRUE ANYTHING, let's carry on innovating, researching and developing, setting a standard and implementing new tech into our production.