So yesterday I mentioned I wanted to create a Discord server, to connect and engage with people. So yesterday I set the server up.

The reason for the server is as follows:

I have created the server with the aim of having an accessible space for people to connect, network, share and learn. I want to allow fellow creatives to share their stories and work, while being able to collaborate and in-turn further expand their clientele. 

Social media platforms have too many algorithms in place, preventing people from reaching their full audience and achieving what they have set out to achieve unless they are paying, which is why I feel Discord is the place to create a better community.

There are a number of commission sections in the server, including: Photography, Design, Stylist, Fashion, Environmental and Sustainability and many more.

As NO ONE TRUE ANYTHING'S primary category is fashion/apparel, specifically high-end, sustainable streetwear, I also wanted to create this space to allow people to swap/share/sell clothing they no longer wear.*

Join the NOTA server here