DAY 1:

A great first day in Portugal, I was taken 2 different companies where I became really inspired by the amazingly talented people, who know their craft inside out (pun intended), while they have a seriously in-depth knowledge on fabrics and textile production.

I also was able to share my NO ONE TRUE ANYTHING vision with everyone and it’s great to feel that they really believe in what the brand stands for and wants to create, this makes my process so much easier. It feels like between myself, NOTA and the production companies, we could create a great community and hub.

I’m signing off for the night, it’s been a long day.

NO ONE TRUE ANYTHING supply chain Portugal

DAY 2:

Day 2 in Portugal, completed.

The 2 signs you see either side of my logo is one of the main reasons NO ONE TRUE ANYTHING's production is based here in Portugal.

I had a really interesting conversation with the son of the founder, and we were talking about making everything fair for everyone involved in the supply chain, from farmers to seamstress and animals to the natural fibers and fabrics, as this is the only way to improve sustainability throughout the fashion industry and beyond.

Let’s see what day 3 brings!

NO ONE TRUE ANYTHING denim supply chain Portugal.

Day 3:

Yesterday was day 3 and it was crazy busy but really productive and educational.

One of my visits was to a dyeing house and it really opened my eyes as to how and why fashion can be so impactful to our planet.

The dyeing process uses a lot of water and it is a very long and detailed process, with transporting fabrics and swatch samples to and from the dyeing house to the production facility.

I questioned the amounts of water that was being used and if it can be reduced or if the water can be recycled and they told me they are investing in ways to use less water, such as using hot air, which would be a game changer. They do also recycle the water that is used from the dyeing process.

The water is taken from the machines and also taken from the drying process once the fabric has achieved the colour required.

These kind of practices are really important for NO ONE TRUE ANYTHING and it is something that I am pleased to say I do and use for the production of my pieces.

NO ONE TRUE ANYTHING recycle the water from Production

DAY 4:


I am mind blown, the amounts of fabrics to choose from to create clothing is seriously impressive.

The options are literally endless, while each fabric has a use that is specific to a particular style of clothing, whether that be a jacket or t shirt, jumper or cap.

Yesterday I found some seriously innovative fabrics to use for NO ONE TRUE ANYTHING, that are really advanced and really fits with my ethos of creating high-end, sustainable streetwear fashion.

I will be integrating these new fabrics and methods into my garments in the future, as my aim is to be an innovator within the world of fashion. 

NO ONE TRUE ANYTHING Fabrics. NOTA innovitve Fabrics.