On Wednesday I made my TV DEB—UT on GB News with Liam Halligan on his ‘On The Money’ show.

Liam picked up on my comments surrounding businesses who are improving their bottom lines, but are not being circular, with a particular focus on fast fashion, after Love Island announced it would be partnering with eBay for the latest series, to encourage people to buy second hand fashion.

As a result, Liam was keen to know more about my story with dyslexia, getting thrown out of school at 16 with 1 GCSE and how I have got to the stage I am at now, so called me into the studio for a live interview on his "Start Up Britain" feature.

I can’t be more appreciative towards Liam and the team for being so welcoming and putting me at ease for being thrown straight in at the deep end on live, national TV.

It was amazing to do something like this, a once in a life time opportunity, thank you.

A big thank you as well to Shelley Cukier for putting forward my comments.