Wow, doesn't running a start up business and "entrepreneurship" have it's highs and lows...

Over the past few weeks, so many new doors have opened, which I am really positive and excited about.

🥳 NO ONE TRUE ANYTHING now has representation on a distributor and agent front for the DEB—UT collection and moving into the future. You can find more information here:

🕺 MODA PR are now looking after NOTA on a publicity front. Jennifer Hodgson and Ashley's energy is infectious, I feel they really understand the NOTA mission and story.

😬 I have been thrown into the unknown by Alexander James Rose from Connectd, when he approached me to discuss and look for possible investment opportunities.

👏 Scarlett O'Donoghue is working with me to create and share content across my Instagram & Facebook profiles. Scarlett is a true professional, who knows social platforms inside out and back to front.

That's all the updates for now, let's see what happens next on this roller coaster journey!