"Get out classroom, so others can learn!" 📢
"Your son is the worst person I have ever taught in my 30 years of being a maths teacher." 👨‍🏫
"Jake is a great person, but he always has to be the class clown." 🤡
"How can you not understand, it's very simple!" 🧐
"Here is a piece of paper, I want you to write 100 lines of: 'I must try harder in my lessons and stop being disruptive'." ✒️

Those were some of the many things that used to get thrown at me during school and at my parents, during parents evening. I seemed to get on with nearly everyone, including the teachers, but when it came to trying to focus, to understand the work and complete the work, I couldn't do it.

I would become the class clown, I would get frustrated and lose interest in what I was TOLD to be doing, which lead to be wanting to distract from the fact I couldn't do it.

I would hand in my work and I would be told it was not legible, because I "rushed" it and that made it unledgable (is that a word?) I am also left handed... left handed people will understand the pain.

NO ONE TRUE ANYTHING was born from my frustration of being doubted and the way in which I use my dyslexia to work for me, but never did I think dyslexia would be classed as a SKILL, but here we are today and it is considered just that.

I feel lucky to have this skill and I will carry on using it to my advantage and to the advantage of others.