Here at NO ONE TRUE ANYTHING, we feel that Black Friday goes against everything we as a brand stand for. Black Friday promotes and encourages over consumption when it isn't necessary. We also feel Black Friday goes against the grain of our brand, while not aligning with our ethos.

With all this in mind, we have decided to withstand offering a discount on our items and instead donate 30% of all items sold throughout Black Friday and continuing through into Cyber Monday, to a charity called Friends of the Earth.

No One True Anything DEBUT CollectionSustainable Fashion @ the Heart of NOTA.

The complete sphere of NO ONE TRUE ANYTHING, from our materials to design to production and transportation, is conducted in the most sustainable, Eco-friendly way possible. 

Our fabrics are dyed from plant derived dyes, our DEB—UT collection is made from 100% organic cotton, our seamstresses are paid a fair and living wage, our details labels are made from recycled polyester and we use embroidery / not print. 

All of our pieces are made in Portugal, where sustainable fashion production is at the very core of what they do. 

No One True Anything DEBUT Hoodie Arm Label

My Vision 

Of how a high-end sustainable streetwear fashion label, should be designed, developed, produced + worn. 

No One True Anything Grey DEBUT Organic Cotton HoodieJake / NOTA VISIONARY.