I have never put this in writing before, but I have spoken about it in interviews and podcasts and as today is Earth Day, I thought it was the perfect time to share a post.

Sustainability in fashion, in my opinion is like the Food Chain. We rely on nature to produce materials, crops and gases that are essential to the production of clothing. Without looking after the Earth, not only will we not have materials for clothing, but we won't have a home.

Next in the chain is arguably the most important part, humans. Without paying the people who grow and harvest the materials and manufacture the clothing a fair wage, the sustainability and climate change chain, is already ruined.

If people are not paid a fair and living wage, how are they ever meant to create a better environment for themselves or have a good care/health system? The bigger the world’s population who do not have a good local environment, the more this effects the whole worlds environment.

Hope my the explanation of my outlook can be understood!