You might have seen some Denim Jacket images featured in the NO ONE TRUE ANYTHING look book and I feel I should share more information about how my DEB—UT Denim Jacket was created.

The production of denim is very costly to natural resources, especially towards water consumption, soils and plants, requiring approx 7,500 liters to make 1 pair of jeans, including the growing of the cotton.

As technology evolves and sustainable production practices become a necessity within fashion and beyond, I think myself and the amazing people I work with in Portugal, have researched, developed and created something that is truly game changing for denim production.

Please do read this page extracted from my book, which will enlighten you to the cotton used, how much water was saved (99%!!), how we have applied the print, how we have distressed/frayed the arm seams and more.

As always, any questions, please comment, message or email me, I'd love to talk more, share and discuss -